Synology Proxies Reverse

This article modem part is only applicable for Singtel ONR, I found the solution by myself after stuck by the Huawei ONR device very long time.
flowchart TD;
    Internet --> ONR -->|Wired| id[Wifi Router] -->|Wired| id2[Synoloy NAS]
    id -->|Wireless| Mobile
    id -->|Wireless| Laptop
    id -->|Wired| TV
    id --> Other

I wanna share NAS with other devices in the same layer network, and I don’t want to touch ISP device. Besides, I cannot put my wifi router into multi-media cabinet. Thus I decide to not bridge the ONR and router. But if you have already bridged it, this article is not for you. :(

My ONR is Huawei hg8240t5 which is provided by Singtel. You will get 2 account by searching:

rootCheck the label on the ONR
supportreverse root password(e.g. 123ABC,then CBA321)

The panel ip of huawei ONR is usually, but if your device is other model, please search it by yourself. In general, you just need root account, support account will allow you to modify the ONR mode but we don’t need here.

The main trap

Must set all open ports under the same item!!!
Must set all open ports under the same item!!!
Must set all open ports under the same item!!!

ONR Setting
Go to Settings -> Forward Rule -> IP v4 Port Mapping as above image red rectangle, you must set all open ports under the same item. e.g. you want to set ports 100, 101, 102, then you cannot set the ports in different items A:100 B:101 C:102. Otherwise, you will find port 101 and 102 redirect to port 100. Why??? yeah, I also want to know how they design it. Sooo, you must set the ports in a sequence segament🤦‍♂️

Router Setting

The router setting is quite easy, as ASUS router example, go to WAN -> Vitural Server/Port Forwarding -> Add profile. Let’s say your NAS ip is, your forward port is 12345, then just follow the above image.

At this step, we have ip address and port, then we can do many things, such as Obsidian and Bitwarden.

Cooperate with Self-hosted LiveSync and Docker, we can build a notion-like note sync application, and backup the idea whatever in or out house.

Opensource password management application, can reaplce paid application 1Password, you can search the wiki by yourself.

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